I am undecided on what shocks I want to run next year, but I'm leaning towards lightning. Also trying to determine how many tires to order and when to order them. I'll be posting photos in the paint & body page when I get my 2012 body design ready.

The 2011 season was not very good to me on my first year back since 06. Turns out as you get older you lose your hand/eye coordination a bit easier. On top of that I had electrical issues for several weeks that resulted in some hard wall shots... which we all know leads to $$$$$. I didn't perform well on points races, but I wasn't racing for points since I knew I would miss several weeks for camping trips and vacation. All in all, glad the off season is start so I can regroup and get some ideas for next year.


This website is a foundation for me to share some files, give some setup help ideas for beginners to 1/4 scale racing, and share pictures of my racing experiences. See the downloads page for printable gear charts, setup sheets and more.