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do you have an old photo that you always wish could have been better? whether its an old wedding photo that showed up with red eye or if you have an aged photo that has been torn or ripped we can help you not only make it look new again but provide a larger image print of the photo for digital printing. many people have old photography slides, we can transform these into high resolution digital images as well. we use specialized photo restoration software to touch up your weathered photographs or digital images. we service both standard photography as well as digital images, see below for details.

photo pricing
approximate prices are per image and will be
evaluated prior to the restoration process

all digital images will be sent via e-mail and may be sent via cd for $7.95

   damaged photos:   minimal: $40   -   moderate: $60.00   -   severe: $75
  minimal damage: this kind of restoration is very basic improvements on photos. this includes photographs that contain minor scratches, cracks, spots, stains, red-eye effect, dim
colors etc. pricing can be as low as $20 per image if corrections or very minor fixes and you wish to restore multiple photographs.
  moderate damage: moderate damages would consist of more time dedicated to improving the image quality. these kinds of photograph restorations would include clarity problems, blurring, bad lighting, tears, rips and unusual objects in the foreground.
  severe damage: severe corrections require a lot of strenuous time on the part of the artist. these kinds of photo corrections consist of large stains, bad lighting, tears, wrinkles, holes and unusual defects in the photo.


this early 1900's photo had stains, folds, some tears, poor lighting and color issues. an image like this would qualify for the severe damage. price:  $75.00


this is an example of a photo that had dust in the air. rain and snow can cause the same effect but are just as easy to remedy. this image received color correction, sharpening and the dirt particles were removed from the foreground. price:  $60.00


this photograph is just an example of photo editing. we can edit a photograph entirely to change the appearance. a service of this level involves many hours and starts at $100.


here is an example of taking a low resolution image and restoring color as well as adjusting the saturation for lighting effects to remove unnecessary shadows and contrast in the room. price:  $20.00

if you already have a website but your designer has abandoned you leaving you helpless to update your website? let us help you update your website content! if you have a website that needs more traffic or just needs a fresh look we can help. if you have any questions about our services please feel free to contact us for a free quote by visiting our contact page.


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